Upcoming Workshops

  • Sorry, No Workshops Are Currently Scheduled.  However, parents who are concerned or have questions about their infant’s behaviour and development are welcomed to schedule a consultation through our Contact Us page; one of our Infant Parent Psychotherapist will contact them in the next few business days.

The Willow Centre is pleased to announce the introduction of a new program for parents with infants from birth to 18 months of age. The focus of the Willow Centre’s Parent Infant Program will be to provide parents and their infants improved understanding of one another, to facilitate communication, and help build, restore or maintain a secure attachment bond.

The Willow Centre’s Parent-Infant Program is appropriate for all parents. This includes those looking for help adjusting to parenthood, those interested in learning about their babies and their development, or those with worries about their infant’s needs and their own capacity to meet their infant’s needs. It is appropriate for all new parents that may be struggling with the challenges of relating to their baby and/or the transition into parenthood.

With the support and insight of experienced child psychologists, this program will aim to improve developmental outcomes as well as bring about more long-term positive changes in how both the parent and infant feel about their relationship.