Willow Centre Psychologists

At The Willow Centre we are dedicated to providing the highest quality psychological services to children and their families. We are a team of professionals with extensive specialized training in psychology and many years of experience in the psychological assessment and treatment of infants, children, and adolescents. We work together with you to restore or enhance your child’s emotional and social well-being and capacity to learn. We are dedicated to providing service that reflects the highest standards of professionalism and current knowledge in the field.

The Willow Centre remains open, but is operating at a reduced capacity, due to the current circumstances. To request help for your child or family, please contact us by phone or email, and one of us will get in touch with you to discuss the best way to provide help for you.


Consultation is an important aspect of the work we do here at The Willow Centre. We have often found it possible to help children through ongoing work with their parents.


Psychological Assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their behavior, personality and capabilities.


In general, the Willow Centre team is prepared to address the full range of problems and difficulties experienced by infants, children and adolescents.

Working Together to Help Your Child’s Emotional, Social, & Educational Well-Being


  • 20 Years of the Willow Centre (1/27/2020) - On October 15th, 2019, The Willow Centre celebrated its 20th Anniversary. Below are some remarks presented by Dr Rex Collins. Welcome. 20 years of The Willow Centre. Wow!  I think it was also around twenty years ago that I attended
  • How Anxiety Leads to Disruptive Behavior (5/16/2018) - Caroline Miller from the Child Mind Institute has written a good article for parents and teachers about how Anxiety Leads to Behaviours.  An excerpt: Anxiety manifests in a surprising variety of ways in part because it is based on a
  • Lonely, Isolated, and Misunderstood’: Some comments on Asperger’s disorder, by Dr. Holloway (6/14/2017) - Some of Doctor Holloway‘s comments on Asperger’s disorder were published in the June 2017 edition of the journal of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy – Children and Young People. Lonely, isolated, unwanted, mocked, shunned, rejected, denigrated, despised, ostracized,

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  • Imaginary Play


    My three-year-old has changed her name to Alice from Alice in Wonderland, and will not answer to anything else. This is not just at home, but at preschool and with other family members. She can get very upset and aggressive if you insist she is not Alice.