We recognize that a family’s well-being is influenced by many different factors and that problems with children can contribute to significant stress.  While all families go through predictable stages and changes, serious challenges can arise when problems are not addressed.

We believe that:

  • It is possible to understand and resolve many different types of problems experienced by children and families through psychological intervention.
  • Addressing problems through early intervention and timely treatment is an investment in a healthy future.
  • Not all children “grow out of” their difficulties.
  • Effective treatment often leads to a happier and more productive adult life.
  • Children and their parent(s) need to be active participants in the therapeutic process.
  • Medication, while sometimes necessary, is not in itself sufficient to resolve deep-rooted problems.
  • Quick solutions are not always lasting solutions.

We recommend you seek help when:

  • Your infant or child does not seem to be developing at the same rate as other children.
  • The daycare or school expresses concerns about your child’s behaviour.
  • Your child’s schoolwork is deteriorating.
  • You are unable to communicate effectively with your child or teenager with regard to resolving conflicts.
  • You notice your child seems lonely, isolated, or moody much of the time.
  • You suspect your teenager of using alcohol or other drugs.
  • Your teenager gets in trouble with the law and you are concerned that he or she is ‘throwing their life away’.
  • You are concerned about the effects of separation or divorce on your children.