In contrast to the more formal psychodiagnostic assessments usually requested by psychiatrists, lawyers, and child protection agencies, therapeutic assessment is marked by collaboration between the assessor and the client, with the aim of a greater depth of understanding of an individual’s worries, moods, and relationship or work problems.

At the outset, the client and the assessor meet together to discuss the client’s individual difficulties and to frame specific questions to be addressed in the psychological testing component of the assessment.  At the completion of the testing, a further meeting is held to summarize the results and discuss the findings in an interactive way with the client.  A letter is subsequently provided to the client summarizing the most salient and pertinent issues that have arisen.

The deeper understanding developed by the assessment typically provides the client with greater insight into his or her difficulties, with the potential to initiate positive change either in a self help way, or with the assistance of a therapist.  A follow up meeting approximately three months later allows for a review of the change process so far, and for addressing any questions that may have arisen in the interim.

With children, we encourage the participation of the parents, to the extent of sitting in on the psychological testing component, if appropriate.  With teenagers, the balance between a teenager’s right to privacy and the parents’ wish to be involved is negotiated at the outset.  In lieu of a letter, a story or fable is provided to the child as a reference point for further reflection on his or her difficulties.

The cost of a therapeutic assessment ranges from $3,500 to $5,000 depending on the nature of the concerns.  Please Contact The Willow Centre with any questions or to book a Therapeutic Assessment.