The Willow Centre is home to a friendly, diverse, and skilled group of trained psychologists. Their expertise draws from backgrounds in education, clinical psychology, social studies, developmental studies, and beyond.  We’d be happy to talk to you about your child, or help with assessment or consultation services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Dr. Rex Collins

Dr. Rex Collins

Dr. Robin Holloway

Dr. Robin Holloway

Carol Jane Parker

Ms. Carol Jane Parker

Dr Tanya Cotler

Dr. Tanya Cotler

Dr. Melody Ashworth

Dr. Melody Ashworth

 Marc Shiffman

Dr. Marc Shiffman

Dr Tamara Libfeld

Dr. Tamara Libfeld

Dr. Mirella Pugliese

Ms. Mirella Pugliese

Dr Alan Rokeach, Child Psychologist

Dr Alan Rokeach

Dr Maura Ferguson, Toronto Psychologist

Dr Maura Ferguson